The GSP Raft Trip

GSP 37th Annual "Raft" Trip

Avast me hearties!

Legend has it that deep in the wilderness of Wild West Virginia the great Pirate King Gary
S. Peterson, called by some Captain Pork-Beard, did hide all of his ill-gotten treasures...

I be callin' together all crew-mates who be wantin' to partake in a grand adventure. This
great undertaking will commence starting July 2nd, and will conclude the 9th , and the
meetin' place be the Ray's Harbour. We shall set sail on the New River to begin our voyage to the treasure on Friday, July 7th.

Sustenance! Pirates be needing grub, and we shall have two communal meals. The First be occurrin' on Thursday and it be the Fajitas. The Second Meal on Saturday, the whole crew better be bringing stuff to share – we pirates be all about sharing.

What would our Voyage be without Grog? We'll be needin' plenty of beer, and other daily
potables, and if you be a generous sort, bring a bottle of Rum to share with your mateys. We shall toast and raise a glass (or many glasses) on Friday night.

All crew-mates need to pay their Due to the Captain. The Slush fund shall be 25 Dubloons
for each adult crew member. The Cool Gift shall be 11 each. If ye be joinin' us on the river to search for the Treasure it shall be $129.

Get ready to set sail for adventure, merriment and shenanigans.

Drink up me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Captain Rita

Price Breakdown Per Person:

Slush Fund $25 (18+, does not include cool gift)

Cool Gift $11

Rafting $129

I need to know the number of cool gifts and rafters, and the money, by June 1st, if you're a maybe about rafting please let me know anyway!

Please Mail To:

Rita Carlile
59 Crescent Terrace
Burlington VT, 05401

Please RSVP To: