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The Gauley Trips

Gauley GSP Logo 1984 Organizer: ???
1987 Organizer: Kirk Smith
1988 Organizer: Kirk Smith
1989 Organizer: Joe Cychosz
1990 Organizer: Joe Cychosz
1995 Organizer: Jeff Treece
1984 Commentary
1987 Commentary
1988 Commentary
1990 Commentary
1995 Commentary

There have been many GSP trips on the Gauley River. Next-door-to the New River, it's usually only runnable in the Fall and the Spring. A number of the trips have been made in the fall, and this page describes some of the reactions.

The logo shown above was used for the 1987 and 1989 Gauley trips planned by Kirk Smith ('87) and Joe Cychosz ('89). It was drawn by Bob Peterson of Locomotive's (and now Academy Award nominee "Finding Nemo" 2003) cartoon fame.  No relation to Gary S.

The Weddings

Malcolm and Michelle
Ed and Eileen
Don and Roberta
Bob and Pam